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Ultimate high speed for spot welding

Why is the SpeedGun so much faster? Because it is so light. This means it can be used with a highly dynamic robot. Additional speed is provided by the powerful servo motor integrated in the robot controller, which opens and closes the gun extremely quickly. The time saved in automated spot welding is immense.

X or C design

Thanks to variable electrode geometry in X or C design, production concepts can be flexibly implemented with the SpeedGun.

Steel or aluminum

The SpeedGun aluspot also enables high-speed processes for spot welding of the aluminium alloys commonly used in the automotive sector.

Fully integrable

To enable you to integrate the SpeedGun directly into your automation system, it complies 100% with the relevant European standards.

Well thought out

Designed for benefit

Weight reduced

Extremely light

Our engineers have consistently minimized the weight of the SpeedGun. The transformer, drive and gun are extremely light compared to conventional systems. This ensures dynamics and performance with the lowest energy consumption.


Highest time saving

With ultra-fast spot welding processes, the SpeedGun contributes to high productivity at low cost. In combination with other SpeedLine components, cycle time reductions of up to 40% are possible.


Fast product changeover

If production is switched to new or modified products, the SpeedGun can be easily adapted by making changes to the design and arm geometry. This means that the SpeedGun has several lives.


Highly robust

Our developers have succeeded in making the SpeedGun light and robust at the same time. This was achieved through the use of special materials, a sophisticated force management and the highest quality of all components.


Minimized effort

The SpeedGun works optimally with a Fanuc R-1000iA robot, whose controller it uses. In the system, it is configured as one axis. This significantly reduces the programming and configuration effort.


Without compressed air

The generation of compressed air as drive energy in the manufacturing process is energy and cost intensive. The SpeedGun and its guns operate completely without compressed air. This also contributes to efficiency and sustainability.

SpeedGun Fastener

Welding screws

The screw welding gun in combination with a handling robot or with fixed assembly position. Replaces a normal projection welding press, saves a lot of space and also energy thanks to servo drive. Can be combined with a SpeedGun via automated tool change in a cell.