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Highspeed through German Engineering

Highly efficient

Focused on benefits

Our solutions are developed to the finest detail. This brings speed and efficiency advantages for you and significantly higher productivity. Our standard systems are high speed, robust, require little maintenance and can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements thanks to their modularity. When a product is discontinued, the system is simply reconfigured and reutilized. This ensures the best return on investment. High-tech in software and hardware, Made in Germany in engineering and quality.

International specialist

We automate production lines as a turnkey supplier for customers all over the world.

Highest level of automation

The higher the degree of automation, the more efficient the production - especially with complex processes.

Shortest cycle times

Managing top speed in production safely is one of our core competencies.

Highest availability

Our plants run and run. Every detail is designed for quality and durability.

Long lifetime

Re-use thanks to modular design When a product life cycle comes to an end, the line can be rebuilt and re-used.

On the same page

Technical competence

If we develop an automated joining system or machining solution for you, you will work with our specialists right from the start. They understand what you need and find ways to implement it. We provide you with a project team with a high level of technical competence and a main point of contact. These are experienced specialists who have your project completely under control in terms of deadlines, costs and processes and will push it forward. From the quoting stage, through the development, we will keep you up to date and engaged in the development process using tools such as  simulation.  For a project, we develop the detailed overall concept, fabricate, assemble it on site, commission it, train your personnel, deliver it to your site and accompany it with our services.


Flexibility through standardization

Many of our highly automated production lines look the same from the outside, although they produce completely different components using a wide variety of processes. 70 to 80 % of our systems consist of standard modules that we use to maximize flexibility. We equip each of our cells with tools and components to  allow the customer-specific production process to run as quickly and reliably as possible. The modular design allows us to manufacture the cell quickly and gives you the option of reconfiguring  the process. Through reutilization, we can design your cell for new components or break the system into individual cells or stand-alone modules. Process changes, conversions and reconfiguration are possible at any time thanks to our flexible standard modules.

Utilize potential

Reduce costs

High speed at low cost and constant, traceable quality. Our job is to implement your investment in such a way that it pays off for you right from the start. Cost accounting is one of our specialties. How should I design a cell so that it achieves the best possible balance between investment and operating costs? We take a close look and build the system in a modular and cost-optimized way. Our goal: Overall low life-cycle costs through process-safe production, high productivity, long service life and low energy consumption with minimized failure probability, low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Create synergies

Proven ideas

Many of our suppliers and project partners provide us with proven high-tech products and systems that  are best in class. Where we see opportunities for improvement, we take advantage of them but you don't always have to reinvent the wheel. Some things are simply good as they are. When we assemble and select components for our automated manufacturing systems, we carefully select the products and components . After all, the whole is only as good as the sum of all the parts. We know and are engaged in  the market, benchmark and constantly seem the best solutions. This is how our SpeedLine product range came into being.

Industry 4.0

Digital throughout

In addition to designers, engineers and technicians, we increasingly employ programmers and software developers. We now have our own software department with a broad infrastructure. An automated production process can only be as good as the software that controls it. As each  production process is custom designed to meet specific needs, so are the control systems that are used. These must be coordinated with each other and integrated into the overall system via interfaces. This involves state-of-the-art software architecture including BUS technology, decentralization and optimized user interfaces and operator guidance. Only when the  software runs cleanly and reliably will the entire process be as efficient and stable as possible as we move towards Industry 4.0.

Reliable quality

High-tech manufacturing

Here in Attendorn, we not only assemble the individual components of an automated production line, but also fabricate many of the components ourselves. We manufacture various automation components, such as the internally designed  products of our SpeedLine series, girppers, and tooling.  For this purpose, we have a comprehensive, higly capable machine shop and broad experience and skill set for machining processes.  This allows up to control the process, the delivery, and the quality. We monitor compliance with our own strict quality criteria as part of our quality management using comprehensive digital measurement technology in our test laboratory.

Automated systems

You have the choice

Not only one or the other but also the potential combination of joining and machining.

Joining systems

Simply the fastest automated welding and joining equipment in the world.

Machining solutions

Completely automated machining with maximum precision and efficiency.


To the point

Joining systems

Our support specialists keep your system up to speed. With help on the phone, fast parts shipment or on site.

Machining solutions

We know our plants, the installed components and the software systems. If there is a problem, we are there.

Individual maintenance systems

Leave it to us to keep your system running and ensure high availability; permanently and continuously.

Your advantage

Nobody knows your plant as well as we do - after all, we built it. Benefit from our know-how.