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Continuous development

Progress by tradition

We are a learning organization that combines experience and knowledge. This enables us to master technology and to achieve extraordinary things for our customers. The history of LEWA Attendorn is marked by progress and development. Today, this makes us a leader in the automation of industrial processes. With concepts, innovations and customized engineering, we support our customers in staying ahead and meeting the challenges of the markets.

Teach and learn

 We acquire new knowledge, expand it, bundle it, make it usable and pass it on.

Up to date

Every era has its challenges such as  Industry 4.0. To meet these challenges, we must  think and work state-of-the-art.

Use synergies

Building blocks. Training, machining, automation work together, support each other and push development for the benefit of our customers.

Step by step

We are practical yet innovation driven. This allows us to continually develop our skills, moving methodically to prepare for the future, and grow steadily and sustainably.

Customer focus

Engage for customers, be an enabler. Develop what customers need and make the difference with technology and engineering.

Foundation as a training center

Awakening, growth, hope of the golden twenties. 12 founding companies and the employers' association sign the founding agreement on 7 March 1928.

50 years of training center

In the meantime, more than 3,500 young people have undergone training at the training workshop. The range of services now includes the construction of special machines and plants as well as machining and assembly.

Entry into robot system technology

The automation sector is expanded to include robot system technology. Both will become a supporting pillar of LEWA.

Location Mexico

Foundation of the sales and service company LEWA México Industrial Automation.

Location USA

Foundation of the sales and service company LEWA Automation USA, LLC

Brand process

In a comprehensive brand process, LEWA Attendorn defines itself as a brand that is EMPOWERING THE FUTURE.