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Working as one

We employ those who understand complex problems and situations and drive them to a simple, elegent result.  Working together with colleagues across the company, the various technical disciplines are aligned to bring together the best possible solutions . These synergies allow us to combine broad skill sets and experience to go beyond boundries and reach for the future.


Speed professionals

If you want to know how to run an automated production with top speed and high efficiency, you should talk to our colleagues from the automation department.


Machining specialists

No workpiece too complex, no material too hard or foreign. Our machining specialists think 3D, know what they are doing and love precision. Machining task in small or large series? Call us!

Education and training

Passionate trainer

So much for grey theory. Our training specialists let the sparks fly in the truest sense of the word and master the finishing touches. Knowledge transfer is where we come from. You need support in training and further education? You will get it...