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So that the SpeedGun always has something to do

With our SpeedFrame rotary table, we have also succeeded in making part changes extremely fast. With a load of 2 x 500 kg, the table feeds unprocessed parts into the cell in less than 2 seconds and the SpeedGun can start again at high speed.

Two stations

While the SpeedGun is working, the SpeedFrame passes on the machined parts, picks up unmachined parts and moves them into the cell.

Four stations

Thanks to the 4-station rotary table, two products can be manufactured on one line without any setup. For example, a left-hand drive and a right-hand drive.

Tuned for speed

The SpeedFrame can carry up to 2 x 1,250 kg. The entire system is designed to accelerate the load to the maximum in the rotating movement.

Five versions

The SpeedFrame is available in three sizes that can carry and move 2 x 500 kg, 2 x 750 kg, 2 x 1,000 kg, 2 x 1,250 kg or 4 x 750 kg

Well thought out

Designed for benefit

Fits perfectly

Fully integrated

Video comparison Speedframe / Conventional

In-house development

New thought

The parts feed was too slow for our engineers. Therefore, in order to maintain the speed in the process and in the cell, they developed the SpeedFrame and adapted it to the SpeedLine products. The effort was worth it.


Minimized effort

Like the SpeedGun, the SpeedFrame is controlled via the robot's controller. It is simply connected via an interface and integrated into the existing system. This minimizes effort and susceptibility to errors.


Simply convert

SpeedLine production lines are designed to adapt. The SpeedFrame can also be easily converted for product modifications or when the line is changed over to new products.