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Full of high tech and speed

With the SpeedCell, our developers have succeeded in fully exploiting the advantages of the SpeedLine products (SpeedGun, SpeedFrame, SpeedGate) in a very small space. This makes it the fastest and most compact spot welding cell in the world.

20% space saving

Sophisticated processes, compact technology. The SpeedCell succeeds in significantly reducing the space required compared to conventional welding cells.

40% shorter cycle times

Every SpeedLine component that works in the SpeedCell has been consistently trimmed for speed in an elaborate engineering process.

Fully modular

The completely modular design of the SpeedCell allows easy adaptation to your production requirements - even in the case of changes and extensions.

Many advantages

It does not get any better than this


At top speed

It doesn't get any faster than that. Software, robots, drives, tongs, rotary tables, handling functions, all SpeedCell components are designed for HighSpeed. We replace components that are not fast enough. Where the market has no faster solutions to offer, our engineers develop new, faster products.


Lowest unit costs

Simply because the parts are machined and moved faster in the SpeedCell in the smallest space with the lowest energy consumption. 20 % space savings plus 40 % shorter cycle times minimize your unit costs.


Highest availability

The SpeedCell with all its components is designed for long-lasting top performance. The low-maintenance systems run and run for many, many years - thanks to high-tech and high quality.


Simple integration

When we deliver and set up the SpeedCell, the plug-in connections are prepared and the system configuration runs in no time. The programming and commissioning effort is minimal.


Individual structure

Each SpeedCell can be individually configured, equipped with functions and integrated into the overall process. For example, if you want to add a production step, you integrate another specially configured SpeedCell.


No stumbling blocks

Safety first. The cells can be walked on without tripping hazards to prevent falls. All cables are safely routed in the floor or neatly arranged over cable trays to prevent tripping. A contribution to occupational safety.


Decentralized control

All control elements of a cell in a control cabinet would cost valuable space and take away clarity and freedom of movement. That is why we rely on decentralized control elements, which are also housed in the floor, for example.


Completely ReUseable

When a product life cycle expires, the SpeedCell can be converted to a new product with relatively little effort. This optimizes the TCO. With a "refresh", we equip the cell with new software and suitable components - stand-alone solutions are also possible.