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Broadly positioned

Tailored to your requirements

Our machining specialists rise to every challenge - from high complexity and difficult materials to automated processes for series production and the tightest tolerances. The spectrum ranges from standard to highly demanding, from individual parts to series production. Our core service is 5-axis milling.

Make to order

Machining of elaborate, complex individual parts, recurring component families and product groups. Machine travel up to 2,500 x 4,000 mm, table load up to 20 t.

Series production

From small series to medium series with higher quantities. The focus here is on the economical, mechanical CNC machining of turned and milled parts.

Full service

You determine the vertical range of manufacture

In the past, we have grown with the requirements of our customers. You can commission us with individual projects or outsource complete production steps to us. What we do for you, we coordinate in detail with you. Whatever you need, we can do a lot for you.

Feasibility check

Optimized from the start

Before placing the order, we check the feasibility and calculate your project in detail. We match the requirements with our manufacturing capabilities, check the machinability, ensure a cost-efficient process and optimise your components in consultation with you. In addition, we determine which machines we will use for machining.

Material procurement and processing

Hardly any limits set

We also procure all materials that we machine for you. Naturally in high, reliable quality. These include:

  • Plastics,
  • light and non-ferrous metals
  • Steels (all types of steel)
  • Hard-to-machine grades:
  • Highly quenched and tempered steels
  • Sintered metals
  • Titanium alloys
  • The entire range of semi-finished products and components:
  • Forged parts
  • Castings
  • Extruded parts
  • welded parts etc.


Manufactured and delivered on time

For us, an appointment is an appointment! As early as the quotation phase, we use our schedule cockpit to reliably and bindingly plan deadlines for you. After placing the order, we control the production according to the planned scheduling.

Data preparation

Programmed for optimum machining

We design the CAD models for program generation with SolidWorks or use your existing design data/CAD models preferably in the form of STEP or IGES files (if required, also data formats such as DXF, DWG and CATpart files). We then take over the CNC programming and generate the tool list for the planned machining of your components (CAD/CAM system). With the programming we check and secure the optimal machining strategy.

Jig and fixture construction

Precision and automation

In order to be able to manufacture complex components with form and position tolerances of up to 0.01 mm as well as series parts in a highly automated manner, we need precisely fitting fixtures. We take over the construction and design of the necessary clamping devices for an economic production of your components.

Deep hole drilling

Special know-how

With the knowledge of our machining specialists and the appropriate machining systems, we achieve results with high efficiency and precision for you in deep hole drilling.


In all forms

With a focus on 5-axis machining, but ultimately always in the way that best suits your particular machining project. With our machinery, there are virtually no limits to our machining capabilities.



We measure exactly. For this purpose, we have a large, air-conditioned measuring room with state-of-the-art 3D coordinate measuring machines and laser scanners with the highest measuring accuracy. In addition, we measure on the machine and ensure continuous quality documentation for you.

Further process steps

Heat treatment & surface coating

In addition to machining the parts, we can also coat the surfaces according to your requirements in a further step. In addition to painting, the surface coating options include powder coating, electrogalvanizing/chromating, burnishing, nickel plating and dense nickel plating, copper plating, anodizing and thematic spraying.

Stitching & Welding

Fast and precise

What needs to be welded, we take over for you in the manual welding process by gas welding, electric welding or by MIG, MAG or WIG.


Up to the finished assembly

We not only machine your components, we also assemble them professionally. Within this framework, we also undertake deburring and polishing by hand as well as pressure tests. You save further work steps and receive the finished assembly including documented quality delivered on time.

Packing & Logistics

Delivered safely and on time

Trust and reliability are important to us. What we manufacture for you in machining, we pack securely at the end of the process and deliver it punctually according to the deadline. In this way, we integrate ourselves seamlessly into your workflow and process chains.


According to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Audits are always a welcome opportunity for us to put our processes and quality optimisation measures to the test. We are pleased and work to always become a little bit better.

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